Concierge Innovations and Trends: 2020 and Beyond

“A brilliant idea for these times.” – A UK private banking member

As the world changes, we will continue to adapt and meet the needs of our customers and commercial objectives. It’s what we do best.
Concierge Innovations and Trends

Through 2020, Ten has continued to prove the impact of helping customers in their hour of need with relevant, highly valued services. We’re always quick to diversify when we know we can help members.

Service innovation helps the corporates we support to achieve higher engagement, extraordinary service levels, and gratitude and appreciation from their customers, which leads to measurable improvements in their targets. These include customer acquisition, customer retention, and service and value metrics, e.g. card spend and NPS.

Concierge users are three times more likely to be retained as customers and more likely to be advocates, thus driving acquisition. For financial clients, concierge users have a 6% higher average card spend.

In this case study, we reflect on the highlights of the new services that members enjoyed, including virtual events, staycations and premium content. Plus, we look ahead to anticipate the trends in 2021.

Our Case Studies

The Value of Concierge

Corporate clients see a strong ROI of at least 3x; underpinned by better retention rates, card spends, assets under management and new business.

Get to know the true value drivers of concierge.

Driving NPS Performance

How to drive your bank’s Net Promoter Score performance by creating broader relevance

The world’s top private and retail banks have found that travel and lifestyle services boost NPS of their valuable customers – by an average of +15 points higher.

React. Adapt. Evolve.

How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the needs and behavior of the affluent.

What next and what it means for you

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