WE operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, AROUND THE WORLD.


Our travel and lifestyle concierge service, bespoke loyalty programmes, tailored benefits and experiences, and personalised communications, are offered to millions of members globally via financial institutions, luxury retailers, and premium brands. This in turn drives engagement, develops trust and strengthens brand advocacy with their most valued customers.

Why is it so special? We provide direct access to unique cultural, gastronomic and travel experiences, exclusively negotiated benefits, and unparalleled customer service. With Ten, doors are opened, dreams and aspirations are realised, expectations are exceeded, and time is saved.





Ten was founded in 1998 by Alex Cheatle and Andrew Long with a compelling vision – to provide an unrivalled, personalised service that would help its members get the most from life.

The business began providing a pioneering lifestyle concierge service to 20 members in London. The more requests they took on, the better the business got. As its reputation, contacts and expertise grew, Ten expanded its private membership base. In 2001 Ten won its first corporate contract to provide concierge on behalf of a major banking group. We now run more than 50 customer and employee loyalty schemes with millions of members worldwide.

Ten’s service has always been underpinned by human expertise and technology capability. We intentionally built a model that not only embraces complexity but also thrives on it. The result, almost 20 years later, is a business with billions of data touchpoints, and a DNA of codified knowledge – allowing us to say ‘yes’ when most can’t.

In November 2017, Ten Lifestyle Group plc was admitted to AIM. (Symbol: TENG)



Facts and figures


Global offices

From our first office in London in 1998, to 22 around the world today. Click here to find out more about where we're based.


Different languages

Expert coverage in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, French Canadian, and Brazilian Portuguese.


Globally distributed

Nearly two-thirds of Ten’s 800-strong team is based outside of the UK, with a single operating platform.


Individual requests

We’ve worked on more than four million member requests since our proprietary CRM, Ten MAID, was created in 2003.


Fully PCI compliant

We’re PCI-DSS Level 1, and have been successfully audited by major global financial institutions and card issuers for the past decade.



Our Product team makes up 20% of our employee base, and includes Product Managers, Developers, Designers, QA, Data, and Content specialists. 



Our mission and values

We put our members at the centre of everything we do. Our mission is to be the most trusted service platform in the world. We believe that it’s only through being deserving of trust that we can truly create personalised concierge services and effective loyalty solutions.

Member focused

  • The member is at the centre of everything we do. They can trust us to act in their best interests

  • We focus on providing a personalised service. We go above and beyond. We deliver results the member recognises as great

  • We add value by ensuring the members get the same or an even better deal than if they had managed the requests independently

  • We also add value by saving the member time and managing the requests efficiently

  • Our service is customer focused, driven by data, supported by technology, and delivered by experts


  • We pioneered the concept of lifestyle management and we're at the forefront of the industry's digital disruption

  • We incorporate positive and negative feedback from members into our future plans

  • We regularly give and receive feedback internally and externally in an assertive yet respectful way

  • We see problems as opportunities

  • When we do well, we share the reasons why and then examine how we could do even better

  • We invest in training and personal development to grow expertise within the company

  • We embrace teamwork and knowledge management to benefit from the talent and expertise at Ten

  • We actively encourage people to share knowledge, ideas and expertise across the business

  • We embrace technology when it enables us to deliver an even better service

  • Our people are open to change. We give them practical support to learn fast, meet challenges and achieve excellent results


  • We always do the right thing for the member; we prioritise trust over short-term profit where there is a conflict

  • Our management style sets the tone by being open and transparent

  • Our default expectation is that our people and suppliers act with honesty and integrity

  • We keep our word and manage expectations

  • We work diligently on every request we receive

  • We work flexibly in order to meet expectations

  • We create sustainable relationships with our suppliers

  • We conduct business in a manner that gives assurance that environmental sustainability is central to the business and procedures

  • We are proud to stand behind the brands of our clients delivering exceptional, trusted service that enhances their customer's experience



senior Leadership team

Alex Cheatle co-founder and ceo

Alex Cheatle
Co-Founder and CEO

Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Andrew Long_86.jpg

Group COO, CEO APAC and Co-Founder

Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Anna Seizer_87.jpg

Anna Seizer

Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Bryn Dyer_108.jpg

Bryn Dyer

Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_David Porter_116.jpg
Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Francesco de Marchis_194.jpg
Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Malcolm Berry_206.jpg
Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Sally Crimes_178.jpg

david porter
managing director, Strategy, Customer Value Proposition and Distribution

francesco de marchis
chief technology officer


Sally Crimes
Chief product Officer

TenLifestyleGroup_Sarah Horbuckle_1.jpg



Alan donald




Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Tracy Geldert_136.jpg


Ten_Lifestyle_Group_Portraits_Victoria Carvalho_147.jpg

Victoria carvalho
Managing director, employee loyalty vertical


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