How We Do It

Member Proposition

We focus all our expertise, industry clout and technology on getting the best results for members with no hidden fees, charges, or add-on margins on anything we organize for our members. From travel and dining to unmissable entertainment, offers and events.

We get to know our members over time and personalize our service accordingly, becoming ever more useful and proactive. Members will get to know how best to use our services over time too, to the best advantage.

Ten Platform

The award-winning Ten Platform gives our members access to all the benefits of concierge at their fingertips.

Members can easily book tables at the top restaurants, search for and book sports, theatre, and music tickets, plan and book their next holiday or city break, and access thousands of exclusive member events and benefits.

Secure, PCI-compliant, and global, Ten Platform features revolutionary travel functionality, 100% end-to-end service, a bespoke personalization engine and comprehensive synchronization with Ten MAID – ensuring that we have a single view of our members across all service channels.

The award-winning Ten Platform gives our members access to all the benefits of concierge at their fingertips.



Ten’s global team of Lifestyle Managers are friendly, passionate, and experts in their field – the most popular being travel, dining, entertainment, and premium retail.

Our Lifestyle Manager’s secret weapon is a digital assistant – Ten MAID. Ten MAID collects, codifies, and makes accessible every knowledge item in the business.

We use that power to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Ten Original Content


The Ten Content team supports our lifestyle services and loyalty programs with bespoke communications programs. These include personalised eCRM, member communications campaigns, and globally distributed content.

The team works closely with our client partners to create a communications package that works for them and the members – drive engagement, penetration, and impact. Our clients tell us that they value Ten Content’s understanding of the power of quality content.

Our team has years of experience in relaying the right message to the right people at the right time. We have experienced and award-winning editors, sub-editors, and writers in the content production team and use a semi-bespoke marketing cloud platform, Acoustic, to deliver millions of individually personalized and targeted communications every year.


Ten’s dedicated Data team works collaboratively with our corporate clients to understand member profiles and their behaviors.

A true lens on our clients’ most valued customers’ everyday lives, our Business Intelligence becomes an integral, and crucial, part of theirs.

From standard reporting to rich data visualization, we identify insights to: